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My HomeLab

In my homelab I have a couple servers and networking gear that I use for building out different network environments to learn about pentesting, and a little about blue team tactics. I also use my server, Nebula to host services that I use frequently use and that I would consider my “production environment”. As for my other server, Pulsar I use it as a “dev environment” to test different tools, pentest, and work on projects.

Below is a more in depth view of my equipment and some of the services I host in my lab.

Server Photos

Desktop View

Lab Gear

Server NameEquipmentDescriptionServer Hardware
PulsarDell PowerEdge R520Proxmox Virtual Environment24 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2420; 96Gb DDR3 RAM
NebulaDell PowerEdge R710Proxmox Virtual Environment16 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5520; 48Gb DDR3 RAM
N/ALinksys SRW2024Managed Switch24 port 10/100/1000 Switch
N/A UnManaged Switch24 port 10/100/1000 Switch
N/ARaspberry Pi(s)OctoPi and MotionEyeOSRaspberry Pi A,B+


NebulaPi-HoleDNS Server for blocking Ads
NebulaGrafanaView different network and server demographics
NebulaUbooquityA library that holds all virtual books
NebulaTurnKey NFSSmall storage for quick transfers and temp storage
NebulaELK StackMonitoring authentications and logs
NebulaOpenVPNUsed for connecting to my network when I’m away
NebulaFireFly IIIManage my budget and spending
NebulaMediaWikiWiki store links to all my services interfaces and notes for fixes or info of services
PulsarKaliPentesting when I dont have my PC available
PulsarWekanManage coding projects
PulsarPfsenseUsed for the AD network for pentesting
PulsarUbuntu WebAppColliagte Cyber Defense Comp. (CCDC) Scoring Engine Server
PulsarUbuntu WebAppCTFd for building out my own CTF
PulsarGitLabMaintain Coding Projects
PulsarGrayLogsMonitor logs in the AD enviroment
PulsarUbuntu DesktopAnother Coding Enviroment
PulsarSplunkMonitor logs in the AD enviroment
PulsarPlexCurrently Not in use
PulsarWindows10Dev Enviroment for coding projects
PulsarWindows Server 2016Active Directory Domain Controller for pentesting
PulsarWindows10 Client1Computer used in the AD forest for pentesting
PulsarWindows10 Client2Computer used in the AD forest for pentesting
PulsarVARIOUSEntire copy of the Colliagte Cyber Defense Comp. (CCDC) network
Raspberry PiOctoPiManage my 3D printer
Raspberry PiMotionEyeOSNetwork camera to monitor my servers

3D Printer

I purchased this cool little printer not to long ago and have had nothing but a positive experience from working with it. I usually just print toys, figurines, tools, or print broken parts. The 3D Printer in the photo below is the Creality Ender 3 Pro

Desktop View

There are a few modifications that I added to my printer such as the cable chain on the back side of the printer to maintain the cords from getting tangled in the heating elements. I also added a Raspberry Pi with a camera that is running OctoPi. In the WebGUI of OctoPi I can control almost all the features of the printer plus with the added camera I can view my prints when I’m away from the printer.

Desk and Tools

I also have a desk near by the 3D printer where I have tons of drawers all with all seperated electronic parts that I either disassembled or bought in bulk online. When I have an idea I try to sketch it out and when I get back to my lab try to assemble it or draw out a PCB to test my idea out. There are a few cool little projects that I have made and would love to share more about those in later post.

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